Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The stage is set!

Tick tock, tick tock…..I’m nervously watching the clock.

I have handed over my work, given the first in-depth interview, and I now slowly have to release my grip on the piece of my life which has now been transformed into ‘Web of Lies’.

The cover artwork is done, the website is up and running, and the manuscript is now being polished and preened, ready to finally be presented to the world.

This has been an incredible journey. Fast and furious. From its first inception during an Email exchange with my now publisher back in 2008 (we were discussing the car wreck that was my life, and I actually joked I should perhaps write a book, to which she answered….’for sure’), to my first words being penned, to now.

What an experience!

I have learned so much in such a short time, and not just about writing. I’ve learned so much about psychology (personality disorders in particular).

I’ve had to learn what can and what cannot be said when writing a memoir, and how to relay my experiences honestly and openly, without resorting to gratuitous mud-slinging.

I've even learned what is permissible when writing a newspaper article to accompany a memoir.

And most of all, I've learned to really believe in myself, and what I'm doing. (This was the hardest part to learn, I can honestly say).

But what an education it’s been!

I have enjoyed the learning experience immensely, and I bow to all those who have helped to facilitate my development along this 'Web of Lies' road. I thank you all. I hope the knowledge I have gained on this journey will help me to enhance my future work (because now I have started, I don’t want to stop!)

So, now I have arrived.... not at the end of the road, but most certainly at a crossroads. How things go from here, is anybody’s guess. It doesn't stop when the book is published, it starts here!

With determination, and a bit of luck, I'll be busy over the coming months. A few months ago, a publisher said to me 'you get out what you put in', and I'm certainly not lacking in enthusiasm when it comes to 'putting in'. Bring it on!

I’ve blogged about my reasons for writing this book before, but I’ll repeat them again, just so it’s clear:

Firstly: To bring the subject of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and it's related disorders, to a wider audience, and to help overcome the stigma which surrounds both the afflicted and the affected.

Secondly: To give a voice to a person whom I believe was seriously wronged in her life, then slandered upon her death. She can no longer speak for herself, so I am doing that for her now.

And finally: To (hopefully) inspire those who have found themselves in a simliar situation to the one I was in. There are millions of us, the world over. And we all need some reassurance, that whatever it was which happened, it was NOT our fault, and it CAN be put right...with strength, and a little patience.

But I'd be lying if I said those were my only reasons for doing all this. There are, of course, other 'drivers' behind the 'Web of Lies' wheel. Three, to be precise. Three unquestioning sources of inspiration. Each with their own unique way of keeping me levelled and focused.

To my back seat drivers, I say;

Let’s get this show on the road kids. It’s our time to shine......

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  1. right on!! I am so proud of you!!!! susanne