Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ahhh, the old McCann....story....again......

Just looking at this for another piece of top class reporting......

The 52-year-old former detective has made a fortune selling a book and TV documentary claiming the young British girl is dead - and wrongly claiming her parents staged a cover-up.

Really Sky 'news'. Where is your 'source' for this?? How do you know he's 'made a fortune??? Figures please!

"Amaral has made the McCann family's life hell and he has made himself rich in the process," a family source said.

He's rich?? Are you sure Mr/Mrs 'Family Source.....because the man himself seems less sure of this 'fact'.....

This interview seems to present a different story.

Kate and Gerry want to stop him spouting his malicious lies about them and to stop him profiting from their pain, and the only way to do that is by going to court

Yep, I'm sure AMARAL probably feels the same way. Let's see what happens in court.

In their writ, the McCanns describe the now-retired detective as a self-obsessed, manipulative money-grabber with no morals.

This beggars belief!....SLANDER......MUCH????? We can say this about HIM, but not about THEM???? Why??????

They claim Mr Amaral's repeated insistence that their daughter is dead discouraged people from looking for her.

Tosh, utter tosh! We've all been hoping, praying, looking for four years. Of course she's most likely dead! Doesn't mean we've all given up hope. What utter rubbish and biased 'journalism' (and I use that word lightly!)

The couple also describe in detail the pain and anguish they say Mr Amaral caused them by repeatedly smearing them - saying his slurs left them "totally destroyed".

Hypocrites!! If it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander! Read about what happened to HIS life as a result of the Madeleine case.....oh, but you never see that in the UK press.....

She had been left sleeping in a holiday apartment as her parents dined with friends in a nearby tapas bar in the resort of Praia da Luz in southern Portugal.

And here we go, you finally report a true fact....which speaks for itself.

The country's attorney general Jose Pinto Monteiro has cleared the McCanns of any wrongdoing over Madeleine's disappearance.

Not true, it was merely concluded that there was not enough evidence to convict anybody....that's ANYBODY.

Nobody cleared, nobody convicted.

So the wonderful Sky News......the only question which remains for me to you is this.....who the heck is pulling your strings??? Oh sorry, dumb question........


  1. thumbs up,you seem to know the mccanns well:-)
    wonder when sky are going to put the gaspers statement up

  2. Its an astonishingly biased article, even for Sky.
    Could it be a bizarre attempt to provoke a backlash against the McCanns? Or does Sky really think that people are going to believe this load of rubbish.

  3. Amaral will win his court case against the gruesome pair in February....guarantee Sky doesn't report it though.

  4. By the by, it's libel not slander.

    But I'll let you off, I get a bit like that myself when I'm fit to burn.

  5. of course.....himself.

    I was pretty mad when I wrote this. I stand corrected!

  6. I couldn't help but give a wry smile though when I read this.

    Always keep saying I'm going to leave the #McCann subject alone. The I read another load of tosh...and I just can't help myself!

    Yes quite, I'm rather familiar that myself.


  7. So they won't even be expected to answer any questions? no change there then. As the taxpayer
    is funding the case i would hope they do the decent thing and donate all
    their funds proceedings to finding all missing children in the name of Madeleine

  8. Sky are a disgrace!

  9. I notice no reporters name on this Article, no one
    wanting to take responsibility if Amaral sues,
    which I hope he does,

    Also, a 38 page writ, has to be puffed out to
    warrant a E1.2 million claim , but to include the twins as having suffered is ridiculous what could they learn when Amaral"s Book was published in

    For all the writs they have served and all the
    Legal Fees they have paid, all the money they have wasted yet still clamour for, they have
    spent very little on searching for Madeleine and
    I hope they get their comeuppance.

  10. "...the McCanns describe the now-retired detective as a self-obsessed, manipulative money-grabber with no morals."

    I prefer the following version:

    "...most rational and intelligent people think of the retired GP and her spouse as self-obsessed, manipulative money-grabbers with no morals."

    Go Amaral.

  11. I was really wound up when I read the article on the Sky News website. I knew there was no point in commenting on their site because they only want to hear from the sycophantic McCann supporters.

    I went on the Joana Morais forum to register my disgust, then I had a thought. I wondered if the media are not posting adverse comments about the McCanns, in case they (the McCanns) are prosecuted, in the near future. The media must know that the McCanns would say they were being tried by media and the case could collapse.

    Just because the press won't print anything bad about the McCanns, it doesn't give them the right to tell lies about Goncalo Amaral. If I were Snr Amaral, I would take out a lawsuit against Sky News.

  12. It's astonishing that the parents who so disgracefully left their children alone and therefore unprotected each evening on that holiday have the sheer gall to blame anyone else for anything, yet all they ever seem to do is blame and complain and do their utmost to shut other people up. They certainly seem to prefer giving interviews and going to court, rather than actually go out looking for their daughter. As for Sky, what can one say about such biased journalism? Utterly disgraceful and hardly surprising that no one puts their name to it, as even for Sky that's a new low. The bias and xenophobia shown by the British media in this case has plumbed new depths and will surely be worthy of a book itself at some stage in the future when the truth about what happened to Madeleine finally emerges ... as it will.

  13. Almost scared to put my name as I have six children and I knew from the first day that the McCanns were responsible for their daughters death.