Friday, August 31, 2012

The predatory woman...beware the female PSYCHOPATH!

I've never written about this subject before, but of course it's a given that female psychopathy is equally as prevalent as the male version.

I have lots of male readers, and I receive lots of Emails from men who have been through the exact same experience that we (females) have endured.

Psychopathy is not an inherently male affliction, no siree, there are just as many female predators out there....

So, what is an unsuspecting man to look out for?

Well, here you go fellas, it's not rocket science, but please, watch for the following signs......

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1. The psychopath will use you for whatever purpose SHE wants–sex, money, a mask of normalcy–and keep you in your place by getting you to focus on your weaknesses and pouncing on your insecurities

2. Once they set their eyes on you as their main target (their “prize”), psychopaths typically engage in whirlwind romances.

3. They can’t get enough of you. They want to see you and make love to you all the time. They flatter you constantly.

4. You are the one true love of their lives

Watch out for these hooks, guys! They mean nothing, and will render you helpless once she has her nasty claws into you.

Another note for you guys:

She doesn't MEAN any of it. It's all a big LIE to get you hooked! All the sex, all the flattery, it's worthless. You mean NOTHING to her!

If she exhibits symptoms of aggression or impulsion RUN NOW!!

You may also want to read up on my now world famous Impact of Cluster B blog.

Don't go there, guys.

Psychopaths are all evil, regardless of their sex....


  1. when i was being 'reintroduced' into my birth mother's home after being in foster care she pretty much followed the same steps of 'love bombing' as listed in your link......

    eye opening.


  2. This is a really important topic. There definitely are female psychopaths. I'm not sure if it's true that their numbers are equal to male psychopaths. I have heard that isn't the case. But regardless, people do need to know female psychopaths exist.

    I'm also glad you have a Cluster B blog since it can be useful to differentiate psychopaths from other conditions that share some of its traits but work differently, many of which are Cluster B's.

  3. My mother in law is a true psychopath! She displays sll the signs. Lack of empathy/ emotionless or feigned emotion, pathilogical lying, manipulative, superficial charm, self- centered/ selfish. Pretty well all the main ones. Even her own children avoid her like the plague now and all of them are in therapy because of the number she did on all if them. She tried her BS manipulation with me and I knew from the moment I met her there was something wrong with her. At the time I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Now I know, she's a psychopath with a capital P.

  4. Females who seem to lack any super ego development are more common than we think. In my opinion they are more skilled at wearing a mask. The ones I've known are much better at grooming people...first come gifts, dinners, and compliments so as to set you up for stage two which is decidedly different based on whatever they are angling for. Many times I've met people and although they appear "normal"..there's something really off in the way they operate, and sometimes I just can't put my finger on it...but I know something is very very wrong.

  5. Yes very familiar with the female sociopath. They are different breed if human being... Evil. Manipulative, serial cheaters. The one I have known abuses drugs. She will seem fine and sober one week, then the next she is strung out and crazy. I believed it was the drugs that made her act this way. But I realized she is one evil lady

  6. This is insane! I have had exactly the same experience! Scary :/

  7. Here's the one I wrote about a predatory woman I discovered.

    Please spread the word about these people :/

  8. My mother is one. It's taken me 15 years of psychotherapy to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and finally accept her for what she is. When she married my step-father (I was a child), my brother and I tried our best to warn him about her without her knowing, but he was already ensnared deep by her. He committed suicide 6 years later. According to my mother, his depression made him "so selfish and sick in the head, it's a good thing he's gone."

  9. Wow! Food for thought.

  10. I think these Cluster Bs (narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths/BPDs) outnumber the normal people. I think it's exactly the opposite of the statistics they give which are drastically downplayed.