Friday, November 20, 2015

Bill re-offends. There is NO cure for the Narcopath

I wrote my books five years ago now. Lots of water has gone under the bridge since I published the. As I've said many times, my main aims when writing these books was to give other people who have been through the nightmare of a relationship with a Narcopath hope, strength and the strength to get away.....forever!

Let me just reiterate what I've said already many, many times. THERE IS NO CURE FOR NPD/APD!

Recently, I had a review of my book, Web of Lies on Amazon

This person feels somehow disappointed that I didn't help my ex to 'cure' his 'illness'.

Let me please explain. There is NO cure! This is not an 'illness' it's a 'personality disorder'.

By very definition (and please double check with all the experts) a person who has NPD/APD can feel NO remorse! They can feel NO empathy. This is the reason it's classed as NPD/APD and not some minor mental illness. If you can get your husband/wife to to for therapy, then that's great! It's clearly not the PD's we are talking about here though.

The ONLY way to get away from a TRUE NPD/APD is to RUN, RUN, RUN! There is NO therapy for somebody who has no empathy!

I was recently contacted by the latest victim of my ex, Mr Bill Tate. She has spend a lot of time tracking me down via the UK marriage register and she eventually came across my books, which reaffirmed what she already knew about Bill.

I can't say I was surprised to hear from her. I had always suspected that I may hear from the next victim, and I was glad to pass some comfort forwards in the way Bill's late wife's family had done for me in my hour of need.

I must admit that hearing from the latest victim triggered me BIG time! I experienced a flood of the old feelings. The sense of injustice, and the fact he's been allowed to get away with it yet again hurt me right down to the core of my being.

But maybe this is all part of the healing process. I helped this lady by telling her she was not alone. She shared things with me and I was able to confirm to her that this man lies for a living. I even agreed to help her put a stop to his criminal activity.

It's all about passing a favour forward at the end of the day. If you, as a victim of a Narcopath, ever get contacted by his next victim....please help her. Only by uniting can we stop the abuse.

My wish is that this person, Bill, is now going to stop. Legal action is proceeding, but more than that, we (his victims) are all in touch with one another.

As I said before, there is no cure. APD is not like flu. It is inherent, vile, poisonous, and toxic. If you meet such a person, run for your life!

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  1. Absolutely, Sarah! It is a great part of healing from the narcissistic abuse when we can help others that have been affected by them as well. I recently started talking with an ex wife of one of my former narcissistic abusers and I feel certain she was helped tremendously by me being open and honest about the lies and abuse perpetrated by him. She had been blaming herself for 21 years! She had physical issues because of the stress - something I was familiar with as well. Once we began talking and she realized he was an abusive narcissist, it turned her life around! She is doing very well now because of the support and validation she's receiving from other women that have been through the same horrifying nightmare with their narcopaths. Supporting each other is so essential and I'm happy to see you are still reaching out to educate and help others...well done!!!