Monday, December 6, 2010

Exciting times ahead…..

It’s that time of year again. It’s a time when we reflect on times past, and look forward to the New Year ahead. 2010 has been a really great year for the Tate family. It didn’t start off so well, but when I think about how much has happened inside the space of the last twelve months I feel quite amazed at how much we have managed to pack into it all.

I finished writing my first book, Web of Lies, in January, and at the same time I began writing this blog in order to help me promote the book and help others through sharing my own experiences.
The road to publication has been a bumpy one. We managed to get Web of Lies out in E format by late August, but there have been many hiccups getting the print version ready. To all those who have waited patiently, I thank you. Hopefully all the problems have by now been ironed out and the print version should be available to order very soon. Watch this space........

Since setting up the website and the blog, I have met many interesting people who have really enriched my life and taught me so much about psychology, personality disorders, healing, therapy and counselling.
Many people who have contacted me have had experiences similar to my own. I’m glad these people have contacted me, and directed me to the many amazing support sites which exist to help the victims of psychopathic narcissists.
I’ve blogged about some of the great books and websites before, and you can also find my recommended reading list on my website

I have now also teamed up with a fantastic Author, Sarah Strudwick, who wrote the book Dark Souls,and together we have founded the website Waking You Up
The new site pulls a wealth of information together in order to help people BEFORE they become the victims of the psychopathic narcissist. It also addresses the recent APA announcement that NPD will be re-classified under the APD (psychopathic) label. Please visit the website for more information on these changes.

Dr David Holmes, Senior Psychology Lecturer and Director of the Forensic Research Group at Manchester Metropolitan University, said of Waking You Up

Congratulations! An excellent no nonsense website, which I will promote to students and others. As you state it is a growing issue of vital importance to the population at large who are reluctant to recognise the enemy within but increasingly reward even revere insensitivity to others.
The APA will always make changes - not always for the better - NPD tends to be distinguished from some psychopathic traits. My view is we need greater awareness by detailed understanding from cases and removing some of these 'lightbulb' recognition details may just cause identification to fail. As you say people may be reluctant to perceive husbands etc as 'antisocial' or 'psychopathic' as labels.

It’s so important to realise that these people do not visit the doctors and be diagnosed. They have to be identified and exposed by those close to them, which is hard, and anything that makes it easier will limit the damage done.

Waking-You-Up has the sole aim of helping to educate people about the dangers of psychopaths and hopefully expose some of the ‘red flags’ which we should all look out for when entering a new relationship.
We plan workshops for 2011, and we will team up with many well-known Psychologists and Authors in order to help spread the word and provide help and support for those who need it.

In addition to all that, my second book ‘Renaissance – A Journal of Discovery’ is now complete and will be ready to order in early 2011. The new book is a message of hope for all those who’ve found themselves affected by a destructive relationship, and it is my wish that it offers some much needed encouragement for anybody who has had to re-build their lives from scratch after escaping from the spider’s web.
For more information on the new book, check the website over the coming weeks.

So, there is much to look forward to in 2011!

In the meantime, my thoughts have turned to Christmas, snow, family, food & drink, and of course hearing my children’s laughter. Christmas is all about the kids after all, and I relish the thought of seeing the looks on their faces on Christmas morning after Santa has paid his visit. I intend to enjoy the time with close family and friends, and recuperate after our busy year.
2010 is ending on a high note.

Here’s hoping for more of the same next year too.

To everybody, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a peaceful 2011.

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