Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning & Looking Forwards......

Happy New year to one and all! May this year bring peace and contentment to all those who seek it.

For the Tate family, we go the year off to a good start. I've finally got the print version of Web Of Lies out. It's been a while coming, and we had some technical hitches along the way, but it's finally out, fully re-proofed and with a new cover for the print copies.

It's still available on smashwords and Kindle where it continues to do well.

From the feedback I'm getting, many of my European readers are relieved to see a print version out though. I think we prefer to have a 'real' book to read in bed of an evening. It's certainly nice as a first time Author to finally hold the finished book in your hand. I savoured that moment for sure!

And to go with the release of the book, there is a new look Homepage as well.

So it's a busy start to the year for me, with a whole round of publicity and marketing to organise and execute. As any writer knows, the work doesn't end when the book comes out - it begins! I'm on a learning curve again, but so far things are going well, and I'm happy with the inroads I'm making as I take my first tentative steps out of the comfort zone of 'Author' and into the uncharted territory of 'Marketeer'.

And amidst all the book promo work, and nine-to-five office work, and let's not forget my primary job as CEO, CCbw( Chief Cook and bottle washer), PEO(Primary Entertainment Organiser), CSG (Chief Security Guard) SFO (Soul Financial Officer) and EHG (Executive Hug-Giver) of 'Tate Inc, Switzerland' There must still surely be time to write another book.

Yes, you heard it, another book!

And this will be the test, because this book will be my first foray into the world of fiction. I know my characters well. They have been living with me for a couple of months now, (mostly in my head, but also on various bits of paper, my dicta-phone & my Iphone!), and in 2011 I hope you will meet them too.

Always learning, and looking forwards. That's my motto for 2011!

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