Saturday, September 17, 2011

Letting go...... sometimes the hardest thing to do. I think this point has been driven home to me this week. I've been trying for a 'mere' three years to let go of my toxic relationship. Others have been struggling for a far greater length of time.

It's amazing, no, astonishing....the depth of destruction that a toxic relationship can leave it it's wake.

You think you're suffering, then you hear from somebody else who has suffered longer, and harder, than you have yourself.

The trail of destruction left by a psychopath is immeasurable. The hurt, anguish, psychological harm, is actually phenomenal.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

I wish I knew. I just hope that my experience can help the ones who are going through the same hell now. Or maybe it can help the ones who have been through the same, or even worse, and need a helping hand with achieving the elusive 'closure' we all seek.

Maybe, if we work together, we can find a way to overcome the harm, the damage they have caused.

Closure will come when we truly know it wasn't anything WE did, which caused this to happen.


  1. My first marriage falls right into this category. I put up with a lot of abuse in order to keep my family together.

    Time does heal. Standing up for yourself does too. You have to cut them off entirely and give yourself time for peace.

    You will be a better, stronger person in the end.

  2. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and where you are in your journey in life. Good for you, for finally getting out of that toxic relationship! Life can only get better from now on, right?! ;o)

  3. Thanks for your comments. Yes, life can only improve once the toxic person has been removed from it. Healing takes time, but we keep heading towards it! x

  4. Unless you and your Amazing Husband work at the same place as the Psycho with the same friends :-( Then it lies beneath as C-PTSD. With no true escape ! Unless his "Island of Stability" finds out. No-one would believe the TRUTH, would they anyway, of Mr Charming.