Friday, May 28, 2010

Truth, karma & spin....

Do you believe that the truth will always come out? Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes my faith in truth and justice is tested to the limits.

But surely, one day....the truth is always victorious.....right?

I'd like to say I'm a believer in karma. I certainly want to believe in it, but there are just some things which happen in this world which make me question the whole ethos upon which 'the justice system' is built.

How is it, that the so called 'justice' system sees a man get away with murder simply because he has the financial means to hire a team of top notch lawyers? Anybody who witnessed that particualr trial, or has since researched the case, would surely be horrified at what can only be described as a most shocking example of how money talks, to the detriment of any human decency.

The fact the accused then went on to write a book which describes (hypothetically of course) how he actually managed to get away with it, well, it's just staggering.

I wonder if karma will ever bite that particular individual on the backside? It remains to be seen. But will the truth ever be known? In this case, it seems not. I feel for the families of the victims.

Because, there's never, ever just the one 'victim', is there? Each victim is loved and cherished by somebody. The ripple effect dictates that the victims loved ones become victims too, and so it goes on......

The example given above is, of course, an extreme one. But then, we witness such examples on all too regular a basis these day, do we not?

Examples of 'cover ups' can be found in the Daily news, if you look hard enough. It's just a question of what you choose to believe. The truth, or the spin?

I question everything these days. Some may say I question things too much and look for problems or untruths where none actually exist. I prefer to think that life has simply taught me to treat everything, and everybody, with caution.

When presented with a sensational news story, I will always now try to look behind the headlines, and gather more information about what really might have happened.

I also try (wherever I can), to apply the same rule of thumb in real life. Maybe it's a result of the things I have experienced, but I do tend to look for 'means' and 'motive' in almost every situation I encounter.

I was once told that I added 'Sarah spin' to everything I said. I spent a long time pondering this 'accusation'. Was I 'spinning' tales about my situation?

What is 'spin' at the end of the day?

It is certainly not the plain and simple relaying of a tale, or the recalling of an event. But spin is not necessarily sinister either, it's probably just the way of the world. The trick is to recognise it when you see it, and moreover, to recognise the motivation behind the spin.

In the examples cited above, it is clear where the 'spin motivation' lies. It is there simply to distract us from the truth. To divert our attention and prevent justice from being served.

To relate spin to my own situation and my account (in the book) thereof, is trickier. I'll leave that for the reader to decide.

All I can say is this: Fiction is far more transparent and fragile than the truth. The truth does has a habit of coming out....eventually, and karma does invariably reach all those who deserve it. And with the truth, comes justice. And that, in turn, brings peace for the victims, and (over time) their loved ones.

We just need to be patient.


  1. What an interesting post! It really made me think about karma and spin especially. For example, the person you are talking about in your first paragraphs has finally met karma face to face and is now serving a long prison sentence for another action he undertook outside of the law. It took time and patience - approximately 15 years but he is finally where he belongs!

    Also, I was intrigued by your thinking person's view of spin and I believe you are right! I have even taught my children to question things such as commercials and news reports and TV shows. Many times the motive behind their spin is to SELL us a product or idea. I hope my children will grow up to think for themselves and not be mindless, brainwashed robots as one could be if they DON'T question the spin behind such things!

    As for the truth, sadly I think it is distorted and sometimes lost in some situations, however, karma does tend to make up for that indiscretion as in the case mentioned above. BUT that does not relieve us of the burden of searching for it nonetheless. For not to do so leaves us vulnerable to those who would manipulate and brainwash us for their own purposes. It is important no matter where one lives in this world to be a discerning person. Yes Sarah - you should question everything!

  2. You are right to question things Sarah, you put your guard up after everything has happened and no one can criticise you for protecting yourself and your family. I admire you