Saturday, June 12, 2010


This one is about my middle daughter, the subject of my last blog....

The softest hair
The pinkest skin
Her beauty shines
From deep within
Her smile lights up
The darkest day
A love so pure
To guide the way
And when she sings
Her gentle voice
Lifts up my heart
Makes me rejoice
And Oh!
Such fiery temperament
The quickest flash
Then sweet lament
Her mind so open
An empty page
Absorbing life
Quick to engage
My Rose
She has eccentric style
Unique, yet wholly
Her character
With years so few
Displays her strength
And shines straight through
A gentle heart
A giving soul
The softest touch
She makes me whole
Little Rosebud
Enchanting child
With smile so bright
My heart beguiled
I'll never tire
Of her sweet kiss
The cutest lips
Innocent bliss

Her hand in mine
Through love, she grows
A blooming flower
Enchanting Rose

1 comment:

  1. Avery loving poem, to your fairest child. It is heartfelt and filled with so much gentle love and you are genuinely bowled over by her!