Sunday, February 7, 2010


written in May 2008......

Apparently, I never cared
It seems I never knew
The hopes and dreams I thought we'd shared
Were only held by you

Apparently, it wasn't love
I felt within my soul
When Venus shone from up above
T'was your heart that she stole

Apparently, I never tried
To halt that slashing knife
Rebuffed, rejected, cast aside
Unloving, heartless wife

Apparently, I turned away
I took my love and ran
Left you to rot, in fools decay
You poor, rejected man

Apparently, the pain I feel
Is nothing to compare
My devastation can't be real
My love was never there

The burden of this loss
Is felt by you, exclusively
And I don't ache,
Or cry myself to sleep,apparently

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