Sunday, February 7, 2010

My life in soap land


I'm talking to myself again
I'm sitting here alone
Looking at an empty room
Light's on, no-one home

I think I'll watch some telly now
And make a cup of tea
Lose myself for half an hour
In someone else but me

In soapland everybody has
Some drama in their life
A teenage mum, a gangster
Or a half-cut, battered wife

There's always something going on
Even on the dullest days
A kidnapped child, a drunken fight
A nightclub set ablaze

A sit and lose myself in soap
Wishing my life weren't so void
And all the while
Behind the scenes
My world is being destroyed

A false sense of security
Has lulled me through the years
I thought my life was pretty dull
Just normal hopes and fears

But whilst I sit here, all alone
And long for something new
I don't suspect, that pretty soon
I'll be in soapland too.....

It's whoosh! and wow! and suddenly
My life's turned on it's head
My goodness, this is better than
Any book I've ever read!

I'm plunged into dramatic turns
I find I'm centre stage
Betrayal, love, the feathers fly
Please someone, turn the page!

The leading role
In soap-land now
For this, I'm not equipped
If only I'd been warned before
I might have learned the script!

Instead, I improvise each day
And try to muddle through
And wonder if I'll win awards
For this acting d├ębut

And now I wonder why on earth
I craved to live in soap
For here in drama-land
The learning curve
Is one steep slope!

It's coming at me from all sides
The drama! Oh! the stress!
I wish I'd gone to make-up
Bloody hell
I look a mess!

In soap-land, leading ladies
Are neither glamorous nor young
We're usually just stressed out
Overweight, and highly strung....

We live our lives of disarray
We deal with all our strife
Heroins, who struggle through each day
And get the best from life

And now I'm here in soap-land
How I crave my life of old
That boring, empty room of mine
A wonder to behold

If I could have normality
This soap-life I would ditch
I'm begging, please, just somebody
Oh let me flick that switch....

To turn this off, and so return
To life so dull and grey
And learn to act
And be prepared
For life's next huge dismay

But here I am in soap-land
For now at least, there's no release
So I paint my face, and learn my lines
And hope, in time, for peace.........

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