Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book publishing...... no mean feat. You need patience, as I'm learning.

Writing a book whilst working part time, is pretty tough too.

Writing a book whilst working part time, and looking for another job simultaneously, is pretty demanding also.

Add to that three small people who need constant attention, love and nurturing (24/7 - not part time) and you find things start to get pretty stressful.

Do I want a medal?

Too bloody right I do!!

OK, maybe not a medal....but a publishing deal would be nice ;-)

I'm under no illusions about how long this road I'm on actually is. Writing the book was but the first step. I'm now engaging in the 'touting' of the manuscript to prospective agents. This can be a laborious process, but let's call it a labour of love, for my goal is clear.

The story must be told! The story WILL be told!

The feedback I'm getting so far is spurring me on. For that, I thank the readers heartily.

It's nice to know there is a potential market out there. True stories tend to be popular, don't they? We're all fascinated in the (mis)fortunes of others.

I read 'Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist' from start to finish on Monday this week. It was the first time I'd actually read the whole lot in one sitting. I found it emotionally draining, seeing it all condensed like that.

This is no doubt because I'm still very close to the whole thing. Time helps, but in cases like this you need a great deal of time, and energy, to recover.

I'm composing the epilogue right now. This book needs an epilogue. The readers need to know what has happened to us in the time since the end of narcissist rule of our lives.

But it's entirely possible that the epilogue to Web of Lies could turn into a book of it's own.

Now there's something to ponder!

In the meantime, let me tell you that the epilogue to Web of Lies is a positive one.

It's far from a 'happy ever after', who gets those in real life?

But 'misery memoir' this is not, be sure of that.

Getting it published is currently my main goal.

If, once published, I can bring the subject of NPD out for wider debate and recognition, then I've achieved another major goal. If I can actually help other people who've found themselves in this kind of extraordinary relationship, then I'm entirely satisfied.

Watch this space. It's all happening in the background.

S x


  1. "Every journey seems long in the begining but every step brings you closer to that goal." You have an incredible story to tell and I am sure you will achieve your goal. Best Wishes. Kal x