Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Web

The Web

Your story started long ago
When you began to weave
Small threads at first
They quickly grow
You practice to deceive

So intricate, this web you made
Your life, your love, your wealth
So tied up in this masquerade
You believe the lies yourself

And so it grows,the web of lies
And innocents fall prey
A shattered life, despair, demise
A world in disarray

And still you weave, you have no choice
You're tangled up so tight
Ignoring conscience,inner voice
No power to do what's right

The lies fall from your lips with ease
The web grows larger still
A verbal strike, from mind diseased
And woven with such skill

And so you live in silken thread
You're trapped in self deceit
Perpetuate until you're dead
When truth concedes defeat


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I love your blog and especially your poems. It helps so much to know that there are other women who have had the same experience. A relationship with a narcissist does tremendous damage and is difficult to recover from, but telling the truth and supporting others is vital to the process of recovery. I also have a website and have written some poems. I'd like to include one of yours ok with a link to your site. My best to you and your children!

  2. Hi kb. Thanks for your comments. I've seen your site on my travels and I'm be proud for you to post my poem there. I'll link you in at the bottom of my page.
    You are right, these stories help others who are still 'trapped' in the toxic situation. I'm so encouraged by the feedback I've had so far for the book and the blog.
    I'll have a good look around your site later.
    Best wishes
    Sarah x

  3. Thanks Sara!
    I'm going to order your book and can't wait to read it. I am also working on a book, though it is slow going, it's hard to relive the nightmare. But, I as I'm sure you know, it is something that I have to get out of me. And I am encouraged and inspired by you!